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Our priority is ensuring your children’s wellbeing.



alamaisonputs its know-how at the service of families. We help parents reconcile their professional and family lives with peace of mind.
We allow families to benefit from our experience in the area of childcare at home.


In addition to offering on-call babysitting, our agency also provides perfectly adapted solutions to needs such as care after school or after day-care and Wednesday during the day.

With a simple telephone call, we will send a babysitter within a very short time:

      • Relaxing evering
      • Errands or appointments
      • Business trips
      • Ill or convalescing child
      • On-call replacement of your nanny
      • Chaperon for activities, outings …
      • Pick-up from school
      • On-call care on Wednesdays or school holidays
      • RECRUITMENT OF A NANNY FOR A PERMANENT POSITION (part-time or full time)
Moreover, we provide the babysitter whose profile best meets your needs. If you have a baby or a large family, if your child only speaks a foreign language, we will look for the person with the required experience and skill set.
Your children will be cared for at home in all security and peace of mind, thanks to our qualified and experienced staff.
A trustworthy person, close to your home, takes care of your children and looks after them according to your instructions until your return.
alamaisontakes care of everything and assists you in all administrative steps. We offer services adapted to both your needs and those of your children.





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