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Our priority is ensuring your children’s wellbeing.




In terms of the children

    1. The babysitter is responsible for the children who are entrusted to him/her. He/she looks after their wellbeing and security.
    2. The babysitter is gentle and patient with the children, but also firm and just in imposing normal limits in regards to his/her assignment.
    3. The babysitter takes care of the children in an active way, especially by playing with them.
    4. The babysitter only watches television with the children with the parents’ consent and only for a short period of time. He/she chooses programmes that are age appropriate.
    5. LeThe babysitter regularly checks in on the sleeping children.
    6. The babysitter takes measures to prevent accidents and is particularly attentive when the child is in the bathroom, kitchen or the street.
    7. The babysitter will not give medication to the children without parent authorisation.
    8. The babysitter knows how to react and take the right decisions in case of a problem. He/she has all the parents’ telephone numbers as well as the emergency numbers on hand so as to be able to contact them as quickly as possible.

In terms of the parents

    1. The babysitter is punctual. In case of lateness for an extraordinary event or circumstance out of his/her control, he/she will warn the parents and also have in his/her possession a fully charged mobile phone or telephone card.
    2. The babysitter is clean and in clothes that are appropriate to his/her function.
    3. The babysitter uses a notebook to write down all the parents’ instructions that he/she will respect in the best way possible.
    4. At the end of the care, he/she will provide a quick oral summary to the parents.
    5. The babysitter will not use the family’s telephone or his/her own mobile while caring for the children for any other reason than one required by the assignment. He/she does not use the parents’ personal effects and does not accept presents from the children (except a drawing or small craft).
    6. The babysitter abstains from smoking at the home of the family.
    7. The babysitter does not carry out the assignment with a friend. He/she does not let anyone enter the home. 
    8. The babysitter carries out the housekeeping tasks relative to activities linked to the children. He puts away (possibly with the children) the things that the activities have entailed and cleans up what has been dirtied during the baby-sitting.
    9. The babysitter uses his/her own car or that of the parents to transport the children and verifies his/her insurance coverage. He/she asks for written authorisation from the parents.
    10. The babysitter hands back the keys at the end of the assignment and will bring them back within 48 hours.
    11. The babysitter behaves with tact, discretion and without familiarity towards the parents. He/she respects their choices, tastes and family culture.
    12. The babysitter is held to professional confidentiality towards anything that he/she may learn regarding the children and the family. However he/she must signal to the agency within 48hours any problem that he/she encounters in carrying out his assignment.





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