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Our priority is ensuring your children’s wellbeing.


We have recruitment sessions to which you can attend upon appointment almost daily. We are currently recruiting for both fixed positions and temporary assignments.

Fixed positions:

      • Qualified nursery nurses
      • Childcare
      • Nannies 

Specific conditions for the positions:

      • Show proof of experience of over 1 year in the same family at home
      • Or hold a degree in infant care, childcare or childcare counselling


Regular positions :

      • Childcare providers
      • Babysitters
These are regular positions during the school year or for a few months at a time taking care of children for a few hours a day between 3:30PM and 8:30PM (and/or Wednesdays), 2 to 5 days a week.
The candidates must be energetic to take care of children who are often of school age: bring them to school, supervise their homework, etc…

Desired profile:

      • Students over 18 years who already have experience with children
      • Students who are in training for childcare counselling, nursing, psychomotor therapy….having already done internships in a maternity ward or paediatrics, etc…
      • Students with a car are preferred
      • Experience with children: 1 or 2 letters of reference

Availability requested:

      • 2 late afternoons onwards from at least 3:30PM
      • At least one regular day
      • During school holidays
An experience of at least six months is demanded in each assignment area.
If you wish to send us your spontaneous application, we propose that you send your completed Application file (Pdf) to the following address:
Alamaison.ch Sàrl
Rue des Deux-Marchés 28
CH 1800 Vevey




Assistance for the elderly



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